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Mission Statement

The Assyrian Aid Society of America is a charitable 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to:

• helping Assyrians in need

• promoting Assyrian culture and heritage

• building a structure capable of responding to unexpected crises that require immediate  mobilization to help our people

• focusing American and international attention on the needs and humanitarian concerns of our Assyrian people, particularly in our ancestral homeland of Bet Nahrain

Assyrian Aid Society Headlines


AUGUST 2014 - Assyrian families fleeing ISIS find shelter in Sarsink, in the Assyrian schools which AAS-Iraq has turned into dormitories for the refugees.

AAS-Iraq is today coordinating with the national government to immediately assist another 1500 families, with more expected in the coming days.

One hundred members of the French Parliament demonstrate in Paris in support of the Assyrians of Mosul (22 July)

“Je suis aussi un Nazareen!”

Demonstrators at the White House in support of the Assyrians in Iraq (26 July)

“Save the Christians of Iraq NOW!”

AAS - Iraq VP Christina Patto On Fox News



Click on the Congressional seal to read what Congresswoman Anna Eshoo is saying about the crisis in north Iraq

Detailed Listing of AAS-Iraq Activities Since the Fall of Mosul on June 10 2014

August 11 2014

  1. 1.Distribution of food and urgent humanitarian aid to 250 families in Alqosh, Telkeif, and Sand Mosorike Harafiya.

  1. 2.Distribution of drinking water and soft drinks to the people waiting in line to enger Dohuk. Project in coordination with the Chaldoassyrian Youth and Student Union.

  1. 3.Distribution of food and humanitarian aid to Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Ba’shiqa, Bahzani, Mar Matti Monastery, Shekhan, and the surrounding areas, approximately 150 families.

4. Distribution of food, drinking water, and  humanitarian aid to 75 families in the monasteries of Baghdeda.

  1. 5.Cooperative project in distributing drinking water in Karemlesh for one week.

  1. 6.Distribution of humanitarian aid to 185 families in Tellisqof, Nineveh Plain, (funded by Assyrian Without Borders in Sweden).

  1. 7.Made available housing for 38 families in AAS-Iraq Administration Building and provided them with the necessary needs.

  1. 8.Completed a food relief program for 110 families in Ein Sifni area, Shekhan district.

  1. 9.Completed a relief program for 100 families in Ankawa, who had found shelter at the Assyrian Women Union and Youth Union's buildings.

  1. 10.Completed a relief program for 110 families in Sorka, Bakhitme, Sheiz, and Mosorike.

  1. 11.Implemented a relief program for 300 families in the villages of Sarsing, Badaresh, Enishke, Bebad, Tin, etc., in the Sapna area.

  1. 12.Implemented a relief program for 200 families in Aqra and Nahla areas.

  1. 13.Implemented a relief program for 42 families in Domeez and Mar Marsai Church.

  1. 14.Implemented a relief program including purchase of drinking water for 300 families in Duhok City Centre.

  1. 15.Implemented a relief program for 60 families in Pirozawa, Ein Biqri, Karanjo, and Dashqotan villages.

  1. 16.Implemented a relief program for 30 families in Duhok for the Syria Chaldean Church.

  1. 17.Implemented a relief program for 60 families, including Shabak families, In cooperation with ACERO.

  1. 18.Implemented a relief program for 210 families in Telkeif.

  1. 19.Implemented a relief program for 75 families in Batnaye.

  1. 20.Implemented a relief program for 10 families in Bakhitme.

  1. 21.Digging of 2 wells in Baghdeda.

  1. 22.Digging of a well in Karemles.

  1. 23.Digging of a well in Batnaye.

  1. 24.Implemented a relief program for 75 families in Duhok City Center with the support of the Assyrian Cultural Center.

  1. 25.Implemented a relief program for the 30 families in AAS-Iraq dormitories.

  1. 26.Implemented a relief program for 93 families in Karemles and Bartella.

  1. 27.Implemented a relief program for 150 families in Aqra area with the support of the SALT Foundation in the Netherlands.

  1. 28.Implemented a relief program for 60 families in Sarsing and Badaresh with the support of SALT Foundation in the Netherlands.

  1. 29.Implemented a relief program for 302 family in Barwari Bala villages with the support of the SALT Foundation in the Netherlands.

  1. 30.Implemented a relief program for 45 families in Babad village with the support of the SALT Foundation in the Netherlands.

31. Implemented a relief program for 1500 families with the support of the Christian Endowment of Christians and Other Religions.

4,560 Families --- And Counting:

Immediately below are photographs taken August 9 - 14 at distribution points for Assyrian Aid Society-Iraq relief projects in towns and villages that included Hazairjot, Malabirwan, Sarsink, Badaresh, Aqra, Barwar, Bebad, Dohuk, and Erbil. More than 455 families, many of who are temporarily housed in schools, student dormitories, and Assyrian Women Union facilities, received food and staple necessities.





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