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The Assyrian Aid Society of America is a charitable 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to:

• helping Assyrians in need

• promoting Assyrian culture and heritage

• building a structure capable of responding to unexpected crises that require immediate  mobilization to help our people

• focusing American and international attention on the needs and humanitarian concerns of our Assyrian people, particularly in our ancestral homeland of Bet Nahrain

U.S. Congresswoman Anna Eshoo’s video tribute to Narsai David and AAS-A

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Sponsor Dinner for Mesopotamian Night 2015 in San Jose

Helping Hands Los Angeles

AAS-A Launches Helping Hands Project in Los Angeles

Helping Hands is a new project by the Assyrian Aid Society of America, created to help Assyrians help other Assyrians in need of assistance in our communities right here in the United States.

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AAS-A News Centre

Los Altos Hills, CA, 6 June 2015 - In an intimate event to honor this year’s Mesopotamian Night (MN) Project sponsors, this evening marked the second annual fundraising dinner and a glimpse into the performances at the upcoming MN concert.The savory dinner, extravagant music and distinguished guest list established the inspirational ambience of the evening at Dr. Michael and Mrs. Nora Lacey’s historical Morgan Estate home.

The executive committee members of the Assyrian Aid Society of America commended the MN steering committee and all the dedicated volunteers who organized the exquisite event to express their gratitude to the MN sponsors. They presented a brief AAS-A report on the organization's urgent, escalated emphasis on the IDP relief fund post Mosul invasion mid 2014.

Mesopotamian Night is an Assyrian Aid Society of America (AAS-A) event founded in 2007 to celebrate Assyrian arts, promote its rich culture and fund crucial humanitarian projects that benefit the Assyrians, primarily in the Middle East. “With every MN event, renowned and aspiring artists from all over the world come together to celebrate Assyrian arts and display an exhibition of the rich Assyrian culture,” said MN Director Mr. Tony Khoshaba. The annual event MN has recently expanded to new cities with its first premier in Chicago last October 2014 and Los Angeles in May 2015. The 8th annual concert will take place on August 1, 2015 at the California Theater in San Jose, CA.

The evening continued with special musical performances by admirable Assyrian artists, which serves as both a showcase of Assyrian artists and also a fundraiser to benefit the unprecedented endeavors of the Assyrian Aid Society of America. The MN event has raised over $500,000 in the past eight years since its inception to benefit a myriad of humanitarian aid operations in the Middle East, primarily in north Iraq.

Founded in 1991, the Assyrian Aid Society of America is a charitable 501(c)(3) non profit organization that has has successfully provided funding for reconstruction, irrigation, electrification, educational programs, and medical initiatives globally. In 2014 alone, sister organizations AAS-A and AAS-I and their partners have helped over 21,000 IDPs since the ISIS invasion of Mosul of June 2014 with funding totaling $1,000,000 in IDP relief fund.

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