With the establishment of the No-Fly Zone following the First Gulf War and the general stabilization of conditions in north Iraq, AAS-A and AAS-Iraq turned their focus to education and established the Assyrian school system. For the first time, Assyrian children were being taught in their own Assyri...

In 1991, with the outbreak of the First Gulf War and its immediate aftermath , the Assyrian Aid Society was founded to provide relief for thousands of Assyrian Christians in Iraq fleeing the conflict in the south for safe haven in the south.


Twenty-four years later, AAS continues to provide relief f...

Since 1991 the Assyrian Aid Society of America has dedicated itself to improving the lives of Assyrians in the Homeland by implementing a vast series of construction and public works projects. Among these activities are roof recastings, home reconstruction, designing and constructing electrical netw...

The Assyrian Women Union is a charitable organization supported by the Assyrian Aid Society-Iraq. Among its other community activities, the AWU runs two day care centers providing a safe and learning atmosphere for the youngsters while their parents are at work.




The Assyrian Aid Society of America has established and maintains pharmacies and health clinics to bring much needed and free or affordable medical services to areas lacking in public health care.


These facilities are currently located in Sarsing, Alqush, Tellisquf, Batnaye, and Karemles.




In its Mission Statement AAS-A commits itself to promoting Assyrian culture and heritage.


In 2006 the AAS-A Mesopotamian Night cultural project was launched in the California Central Valley, showcasing traditional and contemporary Assyrian music and dance and poetry. Since then these gala evenings h...

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January 11, 2020


January 7, 2020

Dear volunteers and supporters of the Assyrian Aid Society of America (AAS-A),

With the beginning of...

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